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Achilles models in stock!

Come one, come all to the 2022 clearance sale of Achilles inventory in stock today! We scooped up a bunch of leftover models from the factory, and offer them to the masses free of taxation and no charge shipping from the manufacturer. These models include all 2022 HB-270AX, HB-310AX, and HB-310AL models.

Prices are subject to change, and shipping to the customer is estimated and charged separately. We recommend local pickup at our shop to make the most of the savings. Make your way to our shop sooner than later, and take advantage of the sale! We love Achilles, and they usually become everyone’s second boat after the first one fails. We see them replaced after 30 years of service, so, with proper care, you will get the most out of your investment.

For specifications on Achilles boats, or info on the rest of their lineup, please visit Achilles.